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Get barrelled with confidence with Dynocore

On a recent weekend the surf was absolutely firing around the southern end of the Gold Coast. Some of our test pilots grabbed a couple of new Dynocore tech surfboards and went for broke in the water.

Here is a few snapshots taken by an unknown facebook photographer of Luke Barrett and Merrick that shows the boys showing no fear. They know that Dynocore will hold up to the most extreme of poundings by the ocean.

Must be great to be able to surf with that sort of confidence in your equipment.

The Diverse surfshop has a great range of Dynocore test boards for you to try as well as a complete range of retro shortboards, longboards and high performance shortboards.

by unknown fb photog
by unknown fb photog

by unknown FB photog
by unknown fb photog

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Just amazing, as long as you believe in what you have. It can always boost some confidence to anyone. Looking at this site and some comment it really shows that Dynocore surf boards are a top of the line. I would recommend this site to anyone that will ask me about surf board.

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