Dynocore Testing Trip to the Solomon Islands pt1

Dynodream Quiver
A partial lineup of the test quiver

Diverse Crew took a Hardy bunch of experienced surfers to test a bunch of new Dynocores and Corktop Dynocores in the Solomon Islands recently. Fun was had by all and a lot of them wanting to keep the new boards they tested as their best favourite boards ever! Heres a first instalment of some of the Fun pics.

Cheers to the guys at Papatura Island and Go Tours ask for Nick.. tell him Diverse sent you!


One thought on “Dynocore Testing Trip to the Solomon Islands pt1

  1. A perfect place to test new products. I bet the crew just got what they deserve, fun and work. I bet it’s like killing two birds in one stone. The waves look awesome and the place look like a great gate away for surfers who’s looking for a quick adventure. The blue water and the waves is calling me.

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