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Posted By : Dave Verrall
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Progression beyond our recession…

Dynocore™ Custom Program is coming along well. This week we finished a second machine for glassing the Dynocore boards, Effectivly doubling our production. The build quality is getting better and better. we have been selling off a few older demos on ebay. in the next 2 weeks we hope to finalize building our Supersize glassing machine so we can make anything up to 12′ long. At The Tugun shop there is around 40 demos of differing sizes all madly going in and out on loan. Its great giving customers the option to test something out and it helps me customize thier own flex patterns to suit the chosen model board and thier surfing style. Feedback has always been a key tool to improvement & refinement. Make sure you drop in the store soon and grab your chosen tester..
also keep an eye out on our buy now section on this website as i ramp up production and catch up enough to start making some stock to buy immediatly!