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Asher Pacey test’s the Dynocre Racing Mullet for Waves magazine


We sent Asher a 5’6 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 Racing Mullet dynocore with 25 litres for him to ride around Indo for the Waves board test.

As you can see he its ripping on the thing in all conditions, from 2 foot sloppy ones to 5 foot reef wedges.

Th Racing Mullet our most popular and most versatile short board, and works even better in the Dynocore construction. It gives you that spring in and out of turns that he is talking about, you surf faster and with more power because every bit of force you put into the board on a bottom turn or pump down the line you get back from the flex in the board when it springs back.

Its an amazing feeling, so if you haven’t tried it yet make sure you drop into the store and take Asher’s board or one of the other demo boards out for a surf and see for your self.

Quads for Power… Tahiti Pro Finals all Quads

On tahiti this week it was great to see the pros really starting to understand quad fin boards now, I remember the shock when Danny Fuller used a quad a Tehopu WCT about 4 years ago.. Kelly has been trailblazing away for a few years on them but its good to see some of the others catching up..
Even Mick and Joel fought out the final on Quads…

Back when i started shaping i played around with a few quads inspired by Glen Winton and Jack Knight. I enjoyed them but found it hard to sell them to everyone riding potato chip short boards. Early 2000 i started on my second coming of quad fin boards, it took time to get more advanced surfers accepting the benefits. Here is a pic from 2006 of one of our mates Andy Campbell riding a Diverse DQ Quad in Indo.

Diverse Quad Surfboard
Power Gouge on a Quad
Diverse Quad Surfboard
Quads for hold…

Wish the waves were like that today.. I’m sure they are somewhere!

@diversesurf there is #nolimits to #future #tech the #mph #evolves #hpshortboard #surfing

 @diversesurf there is #nolimits to #future #tech the #mph #evolves #hpshortboard #surfing

Dave is at it again cooking up some new shapes and innovations for your enjoyment.

Straight out of the machine, the new Felix with shaped in tail pad, step deck and foot wells!
This is a 4’10 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/8 with 23.4 liters! that means if you are 70kg this is the board for you!

Why Deck Channels? and other cool info…

deck groove
Chanel? oh that channel...

We Get Asked regularly “Why the Deck Channels?”.

Well its simple structural engineering isn’t it. You all know what the difference in a piece of corrugated iron compared to a flat piece of tin is don’t you. another example you can think of are the channels on rooves of vans. Basic Stiffness without adding glass or stringers etc. The channels also have a positive effect on damping and improved feel in choppy conditions. Ask for them on your next board.. in fact they come standard on any dynocore ordered after today…


FCS fusion or Future
Under the Glass plugs provide the best structure for Durability on Dynocores.

What Fin system do you use with Dynocores?

Easy answer.. Whatever you want, your a customer! However we do Recommend an under glass installation for strength and durability. Currently FCS Fusion and Futures provide the most commonly available fins, With large ranges too. Your new Custom Dynocore comes with Daves recommended Pure Glass foiled fins from local Gold Coast Company Fin Solutions. Although we currently use FCS Fusion on stock boards, We do envision newer stronger plug systems coming out that will take readily available fins.



Leggy Plug
Under Glass too..

And Our leg rope Plugs are fitted in the same way.. under the Glass. It is the most water tight, strongest way. Like everything we have done on the Design and Structure of Dynocores.. we have planned to give you the strongest we know…. If you have a better plan tell us..




Technology changes everything
Technology changes everything eventually.

Technology Changes the world.. its coming to surfing too!
Daves obsession with technology and making things better by innovation has changed the way of thinking about surfboards. Both top and bottom of the board Glassed in one go. Fabrics in multiple directions tuned for ultimate flex/dampening patterns.  How can we serve you well? What innovation can make your next surf more enjoyable? Don’t you like the fact we can make you the best new tech boards.. here in Australia!


Bright Ideas save the world..
Bright and White...

Why do you use an Eco Bulb logo? 

The Eco Bulb to us at Diverse denotes innovation for our environment. Light bulbs go hand in hand with bright ideas, There has been more than a few innovations go into the uniques all in one build process of Dynocores.  The Epoxy resin we use is the brightest whitest most healthy resin we can find for surfboards. The White innegra fabric maintains is white colour forever. We also want to convey that a more durable board built with high quality eco friendly products is the right thing for our future and your future. Whats stopping you from trying one today? Visit our Store now to create your most enjoyable surfing future!Laughing

Long Corktop

Dynocore Longboard
Almost Wax free surface

Corktop longboard

So, I have been developing the Corktop™ steadily learning the pros and cons , trying to get a really great finish and really enjoying the benefits.

Jason Blewitt our longboard team rider with 3 Aussie titles and tonnes of experience on the world longboard tour has been Hassling me to get the longboard build process dialled. Well, i made him one and a second one to do some testing with other guys like Dane Pioli and Oliver Shaw. Jason called me after the first couple days riding it and said ” that board is amazing, it goes unreal, its the best longboard i have ever had.. Full stop!”  nice I’m happy, So i finished the second one and took it in to the shop, it was constantly being mauled by eager beavers.. Oli Shaw doing some time next door at IRA shit hot coffee took it for a couple sessions.. he came back in going on and on .. “thats the best high performance longboard i have ever ridden!, it did vert snaps, it nose rode it did everything i wanted a short board and a longboard to do… i haven’t competed for 5 years but now i want to go in the Aussie titles comp and Kingscliff!, Can i borrow it for a few days”

I’m starting of think the guys are just buttering me up, you see, making the shaper feel good is an important psychological tool if you want good boards. Righto, i think I’m going to try it out. off to green mount with the family sunday morning, Send out the misses on the new cork top first, she is nervous, as she has only been riding longboards for a year. after a few waves she comes in Glowing, “that boards good, better than all the other ones i have been on, its so light and easy, the winds a bit strong but its fun”  Cmon, even my misses is on this act…?

Ok My go.. Short story now… it goes amazing.. smooth, fast, loose, light, stable… i am stoked. I’m not even supposed to be surfing with my knee injury.. I’m in pain now, but damn it was worth it, those cork top™ longboards are the best thing ever…. got to get it back to Oli for the comp…

What would your approach be?

Green Surfboard

So.. if you had to make a modern surfboard and you had to start from scratch using nothing you could buy from a common surf blank factory like Burfords or South Coast foam. Where would you start? The board build has to be commercially viable. The board has to perform better and be more durable than common boards board of today to be accepted. It has to be greener (Environment Friendly) and is has to be custom (made as an individual board with its own unique specs). It Has to be made local in Australia.

How long will this project take you? How much will this development cost?

I Know the answers to these questions… if you want to see the results and discuss my answers come in to our shop at Diverse Tugun.

Diverse Experimentation Continues

So we are always open to trying new things at Diverse. You know that already.. a couple months ago we were approached by the distributors of Amorim Cork to try some of their composite Cork in our Laminating machine.  Over the silly season we have been too busy to show you some of our progress. Well here is a few, i will try upload some pics from our recent trip to the Solomon Islands. we have found the cork to add very little weight (200gm) and even more low speed impact resistance. Cork is a very eco material. Its amazing how its made.

The all important Material property is Dampening. This shows thru in choppy surf and is a really big help to making semi guns, Guns, Longboards and big guys boards work really well in Dynocore construction with the addition of Cork. So this has been another huge leap forward in making boards work for varieties of conditions and Surfers.

The Fibre or “GRID” Construction

basalt, carbon and high tech fibres
the Composite Flex Dampening structure of the Dynocore™

Many of our Dynocore™ fans ask about the fibre materials used on our amazing Durable construction. We use a large variety of materials combined in a scientific mix to attain the correct combination of Durability and Flex Dampening.

Ghost Carbon (innegra) is a newer Polypropolene material created to withstand high velocity impact. It also has the benefit of very neutral flex providing a high durability component without making the board stiff. Innegra is very difficult to work with like most Aramid fibres but in our unique propietry build process we want the benefits of the fibre so we made a way to work with it.

Biaxial Grid The deck grid is a unique fabric Created for our process. We also use Fibres placed in a 45 degree orientation between your feet to give dent resistance and flex control. Without this your board would begin to feel like a chattery import. Sandwiched between other fibres the grid adds a integral part of the Dynocore™ build.

Non-Woven Fibre Sandwich Composite construction surround you today in most modern building methods. from High Speed Bullet trains, A380 Jets and your local Buses. Sandwich composites provide a perfect place for the use of non-woven fibres to create low impact durability in localised areas.

Carbon Fibre Carbon’s intended properties in our structure is a stiffener. Creating a frame on part of the board and rail around your back foot. Thats where we want to engineer the ideal flex dampening.

Basalt Fibre A High tensile strength and dynamic tenacity 3 x stronger than steel add another fibre we like to use in our higher performance turbo models and high performance sprint models.

Surf9 Hexcel Fibreglass  This one is THE 4oz (125 gr/m) preference used by professional board builders worldwide. its one of the only common materials used by the surf industry that we use in Dynocore™ construction. Hexcel Fabrics 1522 4oz fibreglass surfboard cloth suitable for all surf boards – a totally superior surfboard fibreglass cloth perfectly optically balanced and compatible with our Epoxy Resins.