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Modern Vintage x Dynocore

A rotten banana for Sammy the rat….. Check out the first resin tint Dynocore….5’6 RM  for our mate Sam. This is a work of art and ingenuity as the Dyno’s are made completely different to your conventional surfboard. Stay tuned for more fruity custom colour Dyno’s to come

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If you can surf it we make it

A collage of a few boards we had laying around…..Diverse by name diverse by nature.

custom Different Shapes graphics modern vintage Tech Info wood

New General Manager at Diverse Tugun

haha, heres the latest corker… a 7’2 Gm with Printed Cork. made in Dynocore technology with full cork Skins. Just perfect for those days with too much sweep for a short board and too big for wielding around a full size log..

custom dq graphics modern vintage resin art

Brit Pop Cover..

Heres a Custom Modern Vintage DQ Quad board and Custom Cover for a likely Chap from the old Blighty.. Alright then Geezers time for a Cuppa! and for a spot of royalty Happy jubilee to the old Queen…

james HX tow in wood

Shipsterns this week..

We received a sms from James Hollmer Cross this week… “what a week, my ski broke down, i had a massive wipeout/holdown, took off the leggie to come up from the bottom. the board didn’t come up, scoured the rocks, climbed the cliff.. no board, it must be stuck below in a cave… Still got […]

Dynocore™ differences

Sarahs Solomon Island Adventure part2

Heres  the 2nd instalment of Sarah Beardmores Adventures on the Solomon Islands at Papatura. the Article is written by Sarah Beardmore and published in the UK Surfgirl magazine. With Photos By Dave Verrall.

Beginner Dynocore™ differences

The Shop Grom Goes Surfing

There is the Grom thats an instalment at our Tugun BoardLove Store… if you have been in over the last few months you no doubt have seen him cleaning off the wax or looking after the shops many little jobs.. Tai is only 10 years old and benefits from his Dad running the “Shit Coffee […]

Dynocore girls travel

Sarahs Solomon Island Adventure part 1

Heres  the first instalment of Sarah Beardmores Adventures on the Solomon Islands at Papatura. the Article is written by Sarah Beardmore and published in the UK Surfgirl magazine. With Photos By Dave Verrall. the rest of the adventure will go online over the next couple days..

Different Shapes Dynocore epoxy jason blewitt longboard Tech

Dynocore Corktop Longboard in Action

I went up to Miami Beach this afternoon to shoot a few pics of the Dynocore Corktop HPJ longboard i had made for Jason Blewitt. Fun little waves with light off shores and a bit of WinterSun..

resin glassing

Inspired by Licorice allsorts….

Fresh from the Glassing bay, This little McBean started out as a demo glass job from our shop opening party.. The Results look Great with the final coats enhancing and highlighting the unique look. the board is 5’2 x 21 1/2 x 2 5/8 = 30.6L