Fish Surfboards are a wide ranging species these days.. from the ultra wide santa cruz Steve Lis inspired retro twins to the modern performance shortboard with a swallow tail. Hybrids mean just that, a board that does a little bit of everything good old bits and performance enhancing new bits fused together to create surfing Fun!

Magic Mullet a fish with the performance of a modern shortboard.
Monster Mullet Easy Paddling Big Guys Modfish.
Quad Fish The Quad Fin Board that takes retro Fishes to the Next Level
Zippi Twin Fin A Twin Fin Honed for Modern Surfing.
J-Lo Hot Performing Incut outline Fun Board
Broad Bean Maximum Paddle Power in an Egg style Shortboard.
McBean Fat Fun for everyone…


  • Fish and Hybrids, I hope that can post pictures of boards that is Fish and Hybrid design. Is this a longboard type? Can this be used with the small type of waves or for a bigger waves. I have no idea about this of board. I hope that you can enlighten me.

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