You want to ride waves to the utmost of your ability, Striving for new places and tricks to do. These boards can take you there…!

FX Felix The crazy concoction set to replace the performance shortboard.
DM Machine The DM is a performance shortboard blended with new age full outline
DS Sprint When it comes to the Sprint nothing gets in the way of performance.
SP Sonic-Pro The shortboard designed with speed in mind!
DD Daily Driver Daily Driver all round Shortboard.
WD Wave Dominator The WD is the short wide shortboard that everybody needs!
RM Racing Mullet The RM is a full outline modern style performance board.
DT Turbo If you Froth or Travel for Powerful Surf, You Need one of these.
DK Performance Quad High Performance Quad Fin Shortboard
BB Broad Bean Maximum Paddle Power in an Egg style Shortboard.

Sonic pro model dynocore shortboard
Confidence in critical turns…

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