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The Fibre or “GRID” Construction

basalt, carbon and high tech fibres
the Composite Flex Dampening structure of the Dynocore™

Many of our Dynocore™ fans ask about the fibre materials used on our amazing Durable construction. We use a large variety of materials combined in a scientific mix to attain the correct combination of Durability and Flex Dampening.

Ghost Carbon (innegra) is a newer Polypropolene material created to withstand high velocity impact. It also has the benefit of very neutral flex providing a high durability component without making the board stiff. Innegra is very difficult to work with like most Aramid fibres but in our unique propietry build process we want the benefits of the fibre so we made a way to work with it.

Biaxial Grid The deck grid is a unique fabric Created for our process. We also use Fibres placed in a 45 degree orientation between your feet to give dent resistance and flex control. Without this your board would begin to feel like a chattery import. Sandwiched between other fibres the grid adds a integral part of the Dynocore™ build.

Non-Woven Fibre Sandwich Composite construction surround you today in most modern building methods. from High Speed Bullet trains, A380 Jets and your local Buses. Sandwich composites provide a perfect place for the use of non-woven fibres to create low impact durability in localised areas.

Carbon Fibre Carbon’s intended properties in our structure is a stiffener. Creating a frame on part of the board and rail around your back foot. Thats where we want to engineer the ideal flex dampening.

Basalt Fibre A High tensile strength and dynamic tenacity 3 x stronger than steel add another fibre we like to use in our higher performance turbo models and high performance sprint models.

Surf9 Hexcel Fibreglass  This one is THE 4oz (125 gr/m) preference used by professional board builders worldwide. its one of the only common materials used by the surf industry that we use in Dynocore™ construction. Hexcel Fabrics 1522 4oz fibreglass surfboard cloth suitable for all surf boards – a totally superior surfboard fibreglass cloth perfectly optically balanced and compatible with our Epoxy Resins.