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Why Deck Channels? and other cool info…

deck groove
Chanel? oh that channel...

We Get Asked regularly “Why the Deck Channels?”.

Well its simple structural engineering isn’t it. You all know what the difference in a piece of corrugated iron compared to a flat piece of tin is don’t you. another example you can think of are the channels on rooves of vans. Basic Stiffness without adding glass or stringers etc. The channels also have a positive effect on damping and improved feel in choppy conditions. Ask for them on your next board.. in fact they come standard on any dynocore ordered after today…


FCS fusion or Future
Under the Glass plugs provide the best structure for Durability on Dynocores.

What Fin system do you use with Dynocores?

Easy answer.. Whatever you want, your a customer! However we do Recommend an under glass installation for strength and durability. Currently FCS Fusion and Futures provide the most commonly available fins, With large ranges too. Your new Custom Dynocore comes with Daves recommended Pure Glass foiled fins from local Gold Coast Company Fin Solutions. Although we currently use FCS Fusion on stock boards, We do envision newer stronger plug systems coming out that will take readily available fins.



Leggy Plug
Under Glass too..

And Our leg rope Plugs are fitted in the same way.. under the Glass. It is the most water tight, strongest way. Like everything we have done on the Design and Structure of Dynocores.. we have planned to give you the strongest we know…. If you have a better plan tell us..




Technology changes everything
Technology changes everything eventually.

Technology Changes the world.. its coming to surfing too!
Daves obsession with technology and making things better by innovation has changed the way of thinking about surfboards. Both top and bottom of the board Glassed in one go. Fabrics in multiple directions tuned for ultimate flex/dampening patterns.  How can we serve you well? What innovation can make your next surf more enjoyable? Don’t you like the fact we can make you the best new tech boards.. here in Australia!


Bright Ideas save the world..
Bright and White...

Why do you use an Eco Bulb logo? 

The Eco Bulb to us at Diverse denotes innovation for our environment. Light bulbs go hand in hand with bright ideas, There has been more than a few innovations go into the uniques all in one build process of Dynocores.  The Epoxy resin we use is the brightest whitest most healthy resin we can find for surfboards. The White innegra fabric maintains is white colour forever. We also want to convey that a more durable board built with high quality eco friendly products is the right thing for our future and your future. Whats stopping you from trying one today? Visit our Store now to create your most enjoyable surfing future!Laughing