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How is the Foam Blank made for Dynocore™ boards?

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Styrene is composed of Benzene (liquid) and Ethylene (gas), both of which are petroleum products. EPS begins as a styrene monomer which goes through a process where the styrene monomers link into larger molecules called polystyrene. Expanded polystyrene or EPS foam is made from polystyrene pellets or beads that are puffed up with steam. The process is similar to cooking rice with steam. Usually a small amount (approx 4%-6%) pentane or another “blowing agent” is added to the hard polystyrene pellets to enable the expansion process. When these independent foam beads are in a mold they take the shape of the mold and hold that shape when they dry and cool down. The polystyrene beads grow to more than 40 times their original size and when the process is complete the usable EPS is about 95% air* which gives it features that are desired. Expanded polystyrene is a rigid, insulating, light weight, and biologically friendly foam. The foam we use for the Dynocore™ project is made specifically for surfboards right here in Brisbane. I have known the guys there since they were a startup company. Its nice to work with guys who are passionate about making better products too!

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