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Surfboard Variables part 2

So i want to talk about those nasty variables in surfboards again, The ones that are not shape dependant. in an earlier post i listed 3 things that i have found to be the major culprits. they were The PU foam blank, The wooden Stringer and  The physical environment your board was made in, ie: the Chemical element and the weather conditions.

Heres how i have created a workaround for the Dynocore™ project to eliminate these to the best of my ability.

1- The BLANK.

eps blank
the insides of your board is a CORE component

We use EPS foam specifically made for surfboards. The manufacturing process for EPS (commonly but misleadingly called epoxy foam) is very exacting. the Polystyrene beads are measured to the 100th of a gram and puffed up with just the perfect temperature steam in a close tolerance surfboard shaped mould. All computer & robot stuff. Guaranteeing the perfect density each & every time! As a integral core component of our surfboards, Consistancy is critical.. Constant memory and reflex is achieved in the blank allowing us to use shape and/or glassing methods to integrate flex patterns.

2- The Stringer.

hard as a rock
all kids of internal fibres are used to create our flex

Normally wood from any tree with no control over each piece.. We dont use a stringer. Yep its stronger without a stringer.. no bull. One of the things that normally create stiffness in the common surfboard is also the thing that holds you back from getting the magic feelings in your next board. Using carbon, Basalt, Innegra and other tech fibres allow us to integrate the flex and stiffness we want in the build of your board. We can put these fibres in again in your next board to get the same feelings, or in a different configuration in your next board to make it react differently. So No Stringer = Consistent Flex.

3- The Chemical & manufacturing Environment.

Epoxy resin is a amazing creation and a crazy science. There is literally hundreds of formulations of epoxy resin. only a few are good for surfboards. I have only found one that has the brightness and stays clear for a very long time. Australian made too. he resin is exacting in its mixes and only works if you get the ratio correct. Do it wrong and the board does not make it out of the glassing room. It becomes a pile of goop in the bin. Temperature varies how long it takes to get thick and go hard. We have air conditioned glassing rooms and board ovens to control that. To get a result with this epoxy is a simple process of measuring the perfect amounts with scales and applying it to the board. consistency… same hardness, same strength, same color every time. Bonus… Epoxy is way more flexible than old school polyester resin with added toughness too.

epoxy magic resin
we do it in the mix...

I would like to thank and praise those “much crazier than me” inventor guys who dabble for years to perfect the mixes of these chemical components i use to make your board. Without them my continuing search for the amazing magic board would have been fruitless. Now its time for you to benefit from these technologies.