Your Ultimate Board Quiver

May i Suggest that you would like to have several surfboards at your beck and call in your garage or boardroom at home…

You want a twin fin or a log for the small surf, a small wave short board for everyday surf and a good performance short board for when the waves really turn on. don’t forget a step up or a gun for when your ready to charge it! Obviously your chosen surf destination and the amount of time to surf you have changes things a lot.
I’m sure theres a bunch of boards you would like/need to grab anyday you want.

Would it also not be wrong to say, how about having those boards all from the one experienced designer? I’m Sure working on these boards for a long time, before model names were cool amounts to dialled in custom satisfaction. Board matching is important making swift transitions from board to board is paramount.

Theres tons of young guys out there having a hack with Akushaper (the free online software for beginners). theres also a better program called Boardcad thats free online too. they save a screen view of a few lines and numbers, email it off to be cut, They can slap on some colour in resin and rough out some plywood fins, buy fabric from spotlight and make you another surfing fashion victim.

What you really need is a bunch of boards that really work, i mean everything just happens on a wave… also the boards should Last a long time and look great to boot! You need to be able to go back to your shaper anytime and discuss and tweak your fine tuned design with him.

This is where Experience is worth its weight in gold. Matching your surfing with a whole quiver of boards can be quite straight forward once you settle down to working with our current board models as a baseline, taking test drive boards for free spins and spending time talking with me or my staff… There is new construction methods along with time tested glassing traditions. Getting to know your Ideal Volume. Fin positions and combinations also take time to create a great understanding. Working with all these variables for 25 years really makes a difference when it comes to understanding your best chance at improving the boards you love.

Would your ultimate Combo consist of all short boards?
How about a mix of retro fun boards?
or Do you just stick to the Longboards?

What Models would your ultimate Diverse quiver consist of?
How about the TS Simmons or TW twin keel to play in the , then a Racing Mullet to get kryptic in the average daily surf. a WN What Next to lay some rails in the wall or boost on a beachie. a SG widow maker for when the crowds and points are on. then a nice DT or DV gun for the good days when your on a roll with the ocean, timing the swells with your life surfing big!

Maybe your not getting out as much as you would like and paddling requires bonus floatation (too many Sweets or Potatoes perhaps). Maybe a Mcbean with keep the froth on in the smaller surf, then a Monster mullet for the better days and a nice rounded pin GM for when the points turn on. keeping a NR nose rider longboard for the small sunday sessions with the mates down the coast.

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